Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019


Two Camera Filming + Editing


Captures those subtle nuances that make live theater so intimate. Our two camera set up creates the most visually compelling video – the next best thing to live theater!

Filming (No Editing) $250* | Filming (w/Editing) $500*

Single Camera Filming

Primarily for archival purposes (so you can prove to your friends that you really did play the lead in Streetcar…)

Includes Title + Credits. Basic Color + Audio Correction.


Testimonial Filming

Is it bragging if other people do it for you?

Capture your fans on film with testimonials! Great on their own or sprinkled into a sizzle reel or trailer.


*All rates are based on a 60-minute performance. Performances beyond 60-minutes are prorated.

Trailer/Sizzle Reels

We do that, too.

Rates start at $225. Please inquire for more details.

Stage Photography

Crisp, beautiful images for print or promotional materials.

Inquire via Email.

Video Stills

Digital stills taken from video footage from your show. An affordable alternative to traditional stage photography.

Inquire via Email.


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Who We Are + Our Mission

Left to Right: Bobby McGlynn, Ben Hill, Theresa Stroll, and Jessica Lynn Johnson. Photo by Matt Kamimura.

Left to Right: Bobby McGlynn, Ben Hill, Theresa Stroll, and Jessica Lynn Johnson. Photo by Matt Kamimura.

We’re Theresa and Bobby, a wife and husband videography team!

As performers and videographers, we’re wildly passionate about honoring your work with high-quality videography and photography, so we do our best to keep our rates affordable while giving you the best dang videography and photography that your art deserves!

We’re creatives who actually care about you and your art.

<< Here we are with Festival Director, Ben Hill, and our director, Jessica Lynn Johnson, after winning Top of the Fringe, Best Musical, and Best World Premiere for my one-person musical, My Big Fat Blonde Musical, at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival. (We were very tired and very sweaty. Fringe will do that to a person.)




“I have had the great pleasure of working with Theresa and Bobby a number of times and have always been extremely satisfied, both by the end result and by their high level of professionalism. Each time they have expertly captured important moments in the performance that might have been missed by lesser videographers. Filming a live performance and capturing the essence and mood of the piece is extremely difficult because the electricity of a live performance can be lost with the flatness of a video, unless it's filmed by professionals who are themselves artists. Theresa and Bobby, both artists in their own right, have the skill and finesse to catch not only the overall picture but also the intimate essence of the piece which allows the viewer to feel as if they are in the audience and experiencing the performance first hand. This is an art that is rare among videographers and it is the reason, along with their incredible warmth and professionalism, that they are always my first call.” - Terra K.

“[Theresa] and Bobby used 2 cameras during my show and it really made all of the difference to make a professional looking video versus a homemade one. I found Theresa so easy to work with! Her laid back style made me so comfortable and because she is an actress and has done her own solo show, she really understood exactly what I needed. She helped me to feel comfortable in front of the camera and truly brought out the best in me! Their prices are better than many others who don't do nearly the quality of work that they do. I would highly recommend Clark and Main for any of your photography/video needs.” - Naomi B.

“Working with Theresa and Bobby to capture my stage show was a GIFT! Not only did I get wonderful footage and sound to create a lasting record of my performance and so many OPTIONS to promote the show (and other shows) in the future, BUT it was such a pleasant exchange from start to finish. These two are professional, kind and truly out to provide the best experience they can.” - Heather D.

“I was completely new to LA when I met Theresa [and] Bobby... They are kind, smart, reasonably priced and most importantly, they gave me an amazing product. I’m working with Theresa again this summer, highly recommended. Hire them!” - Dan R., Brooklyn, NY



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