i just came to say

h e l l o

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hey, friend!

I'm Theresa!

I'd hug you but this dang computer is in the way!

I'm a lively and high-spirited nerd-for-love here to celebrate your love with you!

The essentials about Me

  1. I love people being their authentic, goofy, care-free selves!

  2. I'm body positive and wrote + performed a one-woman musical about it! It even won a bunch of awards!

  3. I moved in with my boyfriend, Bobby, one month after our first kiss. We've lived together for over six years. Good news – he's now my husband!

  4. My husband and I moved to LA from Connecticut in 2013. All my family is back in CT so I’m always down for any reason to visit!

  5. I legit make friends with people every where I go.

  6. I'm 80% Cold Brew, 20% Rosé.

  7. My husband and I are D Y I N G to get a fluffybutt – or as normal adults call them – dogs.

  8. I’ve been told I type like Mickey Mouse because of all the !!!! I use! I’m just really excited!

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

photos by Rachel Baker Photography

sappy love-nerd fact: I wrote my vows in twenty minutes on the day of my wedding!

Just five days after our first kiss, I started keeping a journal that I planned to give him on our W E D D I N G D A Y ! After watching April + Andy tie the knot on Parks and Rec, I decided to start working on my own vows… five years before we got married.

So yeah. I’m a love nerd. ☺